Jersey 2017

Seakayakers Gift Guide 2016

Oh help, you need to buy a gift for a seakayaker? Now there is all kinds of gear in different price ranges, but don’t buy gear unless someone asks for a specific piece of gear. Choosing gear is very...

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We love Choppy

Creating an id-tag to carry around

We describe an easy way to make an ID card. Regular text not fancy enough? Make it an NFC card.

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Paddling Jersey

Read about our journey around the coast of Jersey (Channel Island), includes tips on where to stay, where to paddle and with who, where to walk and most important where to eat!

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Warming up with pads

It's getting colder, read about our experience with heat pads. A simple and easy to carry way to get your hands or even body warm.

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DIY: Quick labels

Create labels to put near your hatches telling others where to get what stuff - handy in emergency situations.

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The orange bag #2

So the orange bag, how well will it keep you warm in the water and not on land. We decided to do a little test.

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DIY: An ID card for paddling

If disaster strucks you want the people finding you to have the information they need quick. Create this simple ID paper to give them the info they need.

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