Oh help, you need to buy a gift for a seakayaker? Now there is all kinds of gear in different price ranges, but don’t buy gear unless someone asks for a specific piece of gear. Choosing gear is very personal and the most important gear will be owned already. So what is left if you do not want to get vouchers? We made a list of books and dvd’s we already have read/seen to make it a little easier for you.

dareIf your paddler likes reading and you want to be safe you might want to consider ‘Dare to Do‘ by Sarah Outen. It’s a new book, so chances are slim that your paddler already has it. It also covers biking and rowing, so ideal for multisport addicts. Chances are that when you are a couch potato you still love the book.
We’ve read it whenever we got the chance. The book tells the story about Sarah trying to circle the world by kayak, bike and rowing boat. It’s well written, reads easily (even with all the odd names of villages she passes) and it is a great addition to the movie Kayaking the Aleutians (or vice versa). It isn’t just a write up on where she went. Sarah writes about people she meets, the hospitality she receives and the inner struggles she deals with when on her own devices. It is a great book to give (or own)!

booksLet’s stay with books a little longer before we start the DVD section. There is Pesda Press and they have a range of books that are great for seakayakers. They have several books on where to go when visiting the UK or Channel Island waters. But even when your paddler does not paddle these waters there are some great titles to consider;

Sit-on-Top Kayak (a beginners guide ) by Derek Hairon – is great for people just starting paddling on their sit-on-top (the kayaks you sit-on and not in).

Sea Kayak Handling by Doug Cooper or Sea Kayak by Gordon Brown– If your paddler fell in love with seakayaking one of these books must be owned.

Sea Kayak Navigation by Franco Ferrero – Some might call this the bible of navigation. For any paddler who wants to navigate themselves.

Rough Water Handling by Doug Cooper – For those seakayakers who want to go a little bit further.

dvdsAt Cackletv you will find a brought range of DVD’s. The Kayaking the Aleutians and This is the Roll 2 are pretty new, but others are a bit older so you might want to check if your paddler does not own them already.

If you are not in paddling here is a quick title guide. We only described DVD’s we actually own and have watched. Other DVD’s sold by CackleTV will be great we’re sure but we have not watched them all.
This is the Sea series
A combination of movies mostly about journey’s. Great DVD’s for all seakayakers.

Kayaking the Aleutians: movie about Christine Curgeven and Sarah Outen paddling the Aleutian chain. It’s a great addition to Sarah’s book Dare to Do. See trailer below article.

Then there are some instructional DVD’s. Following the title we have written what kayaker the DVD is for. Hopefully this makes the choice a little bit easier.

Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown #1 & #2 – any level of seakayaker (see trailer below Aleutian trailer)
Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown #3 – seakayakers developing towards intermediate level

Sea Kayak Essentials Volume #1 & #2 – any level of seakayaker, there is also the Kayak Essentials DVD which is great for beginners. For a preview watch the trailer (third one).

This is the roll series: for anyone learning, trying to improve their roll, or learning new rolls. The first DVD helps you out when starting and advancing. The second one covers advanced rolls. Watch the trailer of the first dvd (fourth one)