Let us imagine something bad happened and emergency services found you unconscious, loosing blood because a sharp rock penetrated your leg and not knowing if you are allergic to any medicines. Hopefully your phone is not dead and you have an ICE contact in it which can be called without knowing your phones code. But to make things worse let us assume the phone is dead. Just in case something like that would happen (and luckily changes normally are slim) I have an ID card with me and I have it on me (with my PFD, phone and in my dry container). If they would not find these I also have phone numbers inside my boat and I have a logo on the hatch and the container as described in this article.
On this card I have laserprinted an picture (easy identification – if they can’t be sure medical information on the card is yours they won’t use it), my weight, height and medical information. Also an ICE contact. It looks like this (in this example we use English, French and Dutch as that covers most of our paddling grounds):



If you are handy with the computer it’s easy to do, but you also can download our template.